The Knell of Parting Day

Anonymous asked: She doesn't exist?

To answer that one must ask where dreams end and reality begins.

Anonymous asked: Who is she?

She is a dream.

Anonymous asked: is your poem about a girl? *nudge*

My poem is about a girl.

   In My Dream Last Night

I saw you in my dream last night,
Smiling true and sweet,
The spangled sky shimmered bright.

We sat under the bejeweled height,
Stars fell into fields of wheat,
I saw you in my dream last night.

We embraced and shared the sight,
Bathed in amorous heat,
The spangled sky shimmered bright.

There we sat in soft starlight,
Dressed down with bare feet,
I saw you in my dream last night.

There we sat in sweet delight,
A union whole, with joy replete,
The spangled sky shimmered bright.

With wholesome kisses our hearts ignite,
We are a union rich and complete,
I saw you in my dream last night,
The spangled sky shimmered bright.

The End of Things

Here at the end of things
The curfew bell rings.

All has come that ever will:
Every sorrow, every thrill.

Now is the resting hour,
It is all that’s in my power.

All is well at the end of things,
When that merciful bell rings.

Anonymous asked: has anyone ever told you that you're pretentious? not saying you are, just wondering if anyone has told you that.

I have been called pretentious, but only in the course of friendly teasing

Anonymous asked: Now I'm too shy to come off anon. But I really want to be your friend, and I've always admired you from afar.

Oh dear, please come off anon? There’s no reason to be shy— I promise.

Anonymous asked: Did I tick you off before?

Not at all. I began feeling uncomfortable so I asked to talk about something else.

Anonymous asked: Sure. What's your favorite color

I am fond of navy blue.

Anonymous asked: So you get jealous over the boyfriends of girls for having those girlfriends, as I understand it?

No. It is not about the girlfriends.

Do you mind if we talk about something else now?

Anonymous asked: I think that's normal of anyone. You don't get jealous over girls? Have you ever had a girlfriend?

It is, but it disturbs me to pieces. It can unravel me in an instant. I do not get jealous over girls. I have been a couple of times over the boyfriends of girls who are friends. I have had girlfriends in the past.

Anonymous asked: What do you mean?

For example if I feel inadequate it can (sometimes) lead me to feel envious of successful people.

Anonymous asked: Are you a jealous person?

It is rare for me to feel jealous or envious, but I can feel one, the other, or both at once. Generally, my mood or state of being make me susceptible to feelings.

Anonymous asked: What for you constitutes as a thing? If you are very flirty, what's the difference for you how can anyone tell

There is no set definition, it depends on the person as well as on myself. We would set the bounds adjusting as necessary. It seems that the only person who can tell is the one being flirted with- they seem to comprehend the nature of the flirt.

Anonymous asked: "Talking to someone" means kind of having a thing with them

You are right, I have no thing with anyone.